Waste transport services

Our waste transport department has grown significantly over the years, now with a fleet of 20 vehicles available to collect waste and materials from our own recycling centres, transfer stations and from our customers.

Our drivers are highly competent and courteous, with extensive knowledge of carrying various types of waste and recyclable materials, and are qualified under the Safe and Efficient Driving (SAFED) scheme.

We hold all relevant licenses and qualifications for transporting dangerous goods and are registered with a Waste Carriers License issued by Natural Resources Wales.

CWM arctic lorry with a white cab and green trailer


We’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint while maintaining an efficient service for our customers. That’s why we’re electrifying our entire fleet of vehicles by 2030. Today, our vehicles are also fitted with onboard telematics to promote safety and fuel efficiency.

A white van with ETO written on the side in green

Materials recycling facility (MRF)

Our residual waste materials recycling facility (MRF) supports residential and commercial customers across Carmarthen 24 hours a day, seven days a week, using cutting-edge mechanical and physical separation techniques to ensure streamlined, sustainable and cost-effective recycling.

Waste conveyor belt