Nantycaws commercial waste disposal and recycling centre

Our Nantycaws commercial waste disposal and recycling centre is purpose-built for local businesses.

Opening hours:

08:00 – 15:30 Monday – Friday

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Planning your visit

Upon arrival, please report the reception. You must provide a signature agreeing to the site’s terms and conditions, proof of your waste carriers certificate and a waste transfer note. The operative will assess your load and inform you of tip rates. CWM Environmental has the right to change rates without prior notice. Payment must be made in advance of tipping.

Once authorised to enter the centre, please follow the site rules, reverse into the relevant bay and proceed to unload your waste. Exit via the entrance gate.

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What can I recycle here?

  • Asbestos

    Must be double bagged. Max 3 bags per year (free).

  • Black bags

    General black bagged waste.

  • Cardboard

    General card and cereal boxes.

  • Carpet

    Carpet and rugs.

  • Electricals

    Appliances, computers. Can also be donated to ETO.

  • Fire extinguishers

    All sizes £22

  • Fridges

    Commercial fridges carry a charge.

  • Garden waste

    Trees, weeds and shrubs.

  • Gas bottles

    Cost based on size

  • Glass

    Bottles, jars and sheet glass.

  • Hardcore

    Brick, cement and masonry.

  • Paint

    Can be donated to ETO.

  • Plasterboard

    Up to three bags per month (free). Must be loose.

  • Plastic

    Containers, bottles and other goods.

  • Scrap Metal

    Fencing, bolts, sheets.

  • Soil


  • Textiles

    Clothes, shoes and fabrics.

  • Tyres

    Bikes, cars, vans.

  • Wood

    Timber, boards, furniture.

Skip and wheelie bin hire

We help hundreds of businesses from across Carmarthenshire remove waste quickly, safely and responsibly. Whether it’s for a small or large commercial project, we have a solution to help.

A skip lorry with CWM Skips written on the side of the cab
Nantycaws Commercial Recycling Centre