Our household waste recycling centres

We operate four household waste recycling centres across Carmarthenshire accepting a wide range of domestic waste and recyclables. We’re committed to helping you reduce waste and aim to segregate and recycle as much of this material as possible.

Our locations:

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What can I recycle?

We recycle a wide range of household materials at no additional fee for Carmarthenshire householders, as we are funded through part of your domestic rates. Some items include additional charges. View our list of recyclable materials below.

  • Aerosol

    Must be completely empty.

    No charge

  • Asbestos

    Must be double bagged. Max 3 bags per year (free).

    Please contact us if you need to dispose of more than 3 bags

  • Black bags

    General black bagged waste.

    No charge

  • Blue bags

    Blue bag recycling.

    No charge

  • Cans

    Steel, tin and aluminium and foil. Cleaned.

    No charge

  • Cardboard

    General card and cereal boxes.

    No charge

  • Carpet

    Carpet and rugs.

    No charge

  • CDs/DVDs

    These can also be donated to ETO.

    No charge

  • Cookers

    Cookers, ovens and microwaves.

    No charge

  • Cooking oil

    Vegetable based oils.

    No charge

  • Electricals

    Appliances, computers. Can also be donated to ETO.

    No charge

  • Engine oil

    Used engine oil.

    No charge

  • Fridges

    Commercial fridges carry a charge.

    No charge

  • Garden waste

    Trees, weeds and shrubs.

    No charge

  • Gas bottles

    Cost based on size

    £9 Up to 5kg, £22 above 5kg.

  • Glass

    Bottles, jars and sheet glass.

    No charge

  • Hardcore

    Brick, cement and masonry.

    No charge

  • Light bulbs

    Halogen and low-energy.

    No charge

  • Mattress

    Foam and spring.

    No charge

  • Paint

    Can be donated to ETO.

    No charge

  • Plasterboard

    Up to three bags per month (free). Must be loose.

    Please contact us if you need to dispose of more than 3 bags

  • Plastic

    Containers, bottles and other goods.

    No charge

  • Scrap Metal

    Fencing, bolts, sheets.

    No charge

  • Soil


    No charge

  • Textiles

    Clothes, shoes and fabrics.

    No charge

  • TV

    Televisions and computer monitors.

    No charge

  • Tyres

    Bikes, cars, vans.

    £5 car and motorbike off-rim, £11 on-rim. £17 van on-rim, £9 off-rim.

  • Washing machines

    Can also be donated to ETO.

    No charge

  • Wood

    Timber, boards, furniture.

    No charge

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